• Author: Richard P. Rumelt

    • Strategy consultant

  • Publishing: Crown Business:2011

  • Central Proposition:

    • ***"A good strategy has an essential logical structure...the kernel: a diagnosis, a guiding policy and a coherent action." - 7,77

      • Diagnosis: What's going on here?  Comprehending the situation - 79

      • Guiding policy: a method of grappling with situation and ruling out "vast array of possible actions" - 84

      • Coherence - 87-92

    • My thought: Sounds a lot like JOPP

  • Supporting Information

    • Good strategy is all about identifying the biggest challenges and developing a coherent approach to overcome them. - 2

    • Often, we only look at one half of success - when an org succeeds greatly there is also blocked or failed competition - 24

    • A strategy is more than goals: "describing a destination is no substitute for developing a comprehensive road map for how the country will achieve its stated goals." - 34

      • My thought: That's all well and good, but what do we do when the goal is all that's stated?  Especially when the military portion is just that: only a portion.  Doesn't have to just be military - what do we do in any org when the higher strategy is incomplete? Does anyone have advice?

    • **Common reasons for bad strategy - 58

      • Hard to make hard choices 

      • Templating

      • Positive mental attitude is all you need

    • Strategy is not a set of slogans - 70

    • Sources of power: 95

      • Leverage - Get good intel and concentrate on the decisive point (very military) - 98

      • Proximate objectives - achievable...take a strong position and create options (doesn't have to be THE answer, just enough to get things flowing and allow for flexibility) - 111

      • chain-link systems - ID limfacs & mitigate/strengthen weaknesses - 116-117

      • design - good note: resources & tight coordination are partial substitutes for each other (i.e. air power scarcity and centralized control) - 134...beware of abundance of resources allowing strategy to not exist - 136

      • focus

      • growth

      • advantage

      • dynamics - BOLO for wave of change to exploit...challenge is not forecasting but understanding past and present - 180

      • inertia - fight it...usually falls into inertia of routine (this is the way we do things, use tools, etc.), cultural inertia (mindsets & work norms - 210), or inertia by proxy...customers' inertia...they haven't switched over yet - 212

      • entropy

    • Beware: "when we do come up with an idea, we tend to spend most of our effort justifying it rather than questioning it." - 267

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